Who We Are

How We Got Started

Two audio engineers sat down at a bar one day and began planning how to turn their passion into a dream. They took the knowledge they acquired from their background in education and studio management, and combined it with their experience of freelance recording and thus, created Audioworkstations. 

Founders John Jerome, Mathew Einsidler noticed a lack of available recording studio space that was modern & affordable. They saw a need for a studio that would be the perfect middle ground between the existing options of working for an at home studio or a large format commercial studio! This is where Audioworkstations was born. Once they dove into the world of music business they realized the additional need for podcasting, YouTube, and streaming.

Inspired by this vision they expanded their team bringing on JustE! as a new owner for her shared vision of healing the world with music and creating a safe environment, where the modern audio and/or visual professional can focus on taking their business and making it into their dream job.


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Owner Bios

Founder / Owner

Matthew Einsidler

Matthew began his audio journey at an early age. He started recording local bands in the late 90’s from his home studio.

Matthew then transitioned into composing & recording music for television production during the early 2000’s. In 2006 he attended the Recording Engineers Institute (New York).

Shortly after graduation he began teaching classes and soon thereafter became the Head Engineer/Instructor at the Institute and remains at that post currently and remained at that position for 10 years before leaving to focus on Freelance Audio and Audioworkstations.

In 2008 Matthew received a certificate of Music Business and Technology from Berklee college of music’s online study program.

“Our studios are designed with both the flexibility of modern digital audio and the character of carefully chosen analog audio gear. So audio professionals get the sound quality they need reliably and with consistent studio times.”

— Matthew Einsidler

Founder / Owner


John began his career in audio by attending the Recording Engineers Institute (New York) in early 2010, with Matthew serving as his teacher.

John would then go on to work as a freelance recording, mixing & mastering engineer. Partnering with Matt under the name of Sound Dwellers (Mixing & Mastering).

In 2013 John became the Studio Manager and an Instructor for the Institute until 2020 so he could focus on expanding Audio Workstations.

“Audio Workstations is designed for the modern recording industry, an age of freelance engineers & self-recording musicians. We provide a commercial facility where the audio professional can have a sustainable business model.”

— John Jerome



Just E! Began loving music from the first day her father put a microphone in her hands. She knew music was her passion so she pursued local engineers to help produce her music. After working with engineers that didn’t do right by her she decided to manifest her own destiny and become an Audio Engineer.

In 2016 she got her degree but got faced with fighting a life threatening disease shortly after graduation. After winning the battle nothing would stop her from her passion and focusing on honing her skill.

She wanted to take her degree and make her dreams into a reality and help build Audio Workstations into an environment where not only herself but others won’t have to go through what she did and can work with trustworthy people who love music as much as she does.

“Audio Workstations is a judgment free place where you can develop and master your skills. Our studios are perfect for the professional producer bringing in their own clients, to freelance engineers fresh out of school looking for a safe place to harness their new skills, and EVERYTHING else in between. You won’t be disappointed.”

— Just E!

Audio Workstations is For Engineers, By Engineers

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